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Deciding to add a patio to your property can be a great addition, improving your backyard and increasing your usable living space. They can also be an ideal way to extend your living and entertaining space without the huge expense of building additional rooms to your home. Patios can be used year-round bring your family and friends together for hours of entertainment and enjoyment.

Having a patio will enable you to have a huge amount of extra space for your home. They can be great in summer with alfresco dining and outdoor grilling, or even turn it into your own yoga studio. Your patio can even be turned into your winter escape during the cold months, making it the perfect addition to your home.

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Patios are a very affordable way to increase the value of your property and are great value for money. They offer a higher return on investment.

A well-built patio generally increases the value of your property by 12 percent. You pay less for your patio and it offers you a better return on investment. Patios are very low maintenance and require very little upkeep to make them looking great year-round, only requiring a resealing every 2 or 3 years.

A properly installed patio will have a long lifespan, averaging approximately 20 years. The materials used are now extremely durable, and weather-resistant to the extreme heat, cold, snow and rain. Make sure your patio is installed by a reputable contractor like Valley Interlock. Patios can come in and shape or size and they can add interesting elements or features to your home’s design.

You can decide to have your patio feel like an addition to your existing home, or strategically paces in your backward for that hidden effect. The location you select for your patio will influence your design, along with your home’s style, size of your block, budget and what your patios primary use will be.

Patios can come with our without covers or roofs, and usually have paved areas between your home and your backyard garden. Pavers can include a choice of brick, flagstone, stone or even concrete or gravel.

When designing your patio, you can choose to locate it near your kitchen to increase your cooking and dining area or locate it next to your den or living room to give you more entertaining or relaxing space.

Your patio size can depend on how much space you have to work with, ranging for large to small areas. You have several roofing options for your patio design. Your patio design can be enclosed, semi-enclosed or open. The roof will be supported by columns.

If you choose a flat roof, it will usually be angled. This will allow water to run-off. Flat roof design will be attached to your existing home. Gable patio roofs have a peaked roof. You have the option of having a gable roof attached to your home or are free-standing patio away from your home.

And you have the option of having a curved patio roof. If you choose to have a curved roof patio, an aluminum product will most likely be used.

Shade sail patios can also be an option using flexible fabric and can be cut to any shape or size. Choosing a covered patio over an open patio will shelter you from the sun and rain, allowing you to use it whatever the weather is.

Multiple options are depending on your budget and personal preference for the support structures such as aluminum, brickwork, galvanized steel or timber. Most family and friends will notice what roofing material you choose for your patio.

Things to take into consideration when selecting roofing material:

Do you want to fully block the sun? Powder-coated aluminum comes in an endless array of color options and profiles.

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Landscaping your backyard or front yard is an investment that you need to nurture so it can grow. A great design can add tremendous value not only to your home but the quality of your lifestyle, get the professionals at Valley Interlocking & Landscpaing to help you.

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